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Innovating for Profit!

Ocean Energy & Resource (Ocean) is a uniquely innovative ocean and offshore energy engineering company with 40 years of real experience and real expertise in design and engineering for offshore oil and gas, offshore renewables, carbon sequestration and marine applications.

This website describes Ocean's game changing, low cost technology for oil and gas marginal fields, deepwater developments, brown field extensions, tie-backs, remote step-outs, early production and end-of-field-life depletion scenarios and uniquely cost-effective solutions for offshore renewables.

Our Carbon Sequestration technology is also lowering the cost of offshore CCS and our offshore surveillance and data acquisition buoy systems are world leaders. Ocean's engineering services also offer unique innovative solutions for our clients.

Our proven technology offers you, the field or renewables developer, a unique route to the profitable development of your offshore asset using innovative, evolved and robust technology.

We invite you to contact us and to scroll down to explore how our technology can lower the cost of your developments and projects!

Real Experience,Real Expertise,Proven Technology

We've been there, We've done It!

Innovative Oil & Gas Solutions


With current low oil prices cost of production must be reduced to sustainable levels. Existing infrastructure and technical solutions will not cut it!  Innovation is the key to future profit even if the oil price remains low!

Maximising Economic Recovery (MER) is where  Ocean's products fit: lower through-life costs, self-installing reusable infrastructure, and reliable autonomous operation are our focus.

See Ocean's proven innovative solutions for both shallow and deep water and learn how your field development plans can remain cost effective!

Offshore Renewables


Lowering the cost of offshore wind and wave projects are critical as the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) of all renewables is key to making renewable energy cost-competitive with traditional energy forms.

Sea Breeze (fixed) and  Ocean Breeze (floating)  offshore wind turbine generator (WTG) foundations offer the lowest costs for any offshore wind farm.
Sea Breeze has been certified by ABS and has been verified by DECC's consultants.  Both designs are completely built and commissioned inshore and are self-installing - "Float-Out-and-Sink".  
Moreover, first electricity can be produced immediately following installation.

Sea Sequestor


Climate change emission targets can only be met using CCS yet governments worldwide have been irresponsible in their lack of interest in this vital technology.  
CO2 also forms the basis of highly profitable Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in the US and elsewhere and can be applied to the North Sea to improve field profitability.  

Ocean has developed a unique autonomous CO2 offshore injection system that can be economically applied even to small remote stranded fields offering both CO2 tax mitigation and increased oilfield recovery - a huge potential benefit to mature field development!

Engineering Services


Ocean's engineering team has a successful record of working on complex international, large-scale projects (up to $80 million as primary design authority).  We offer a unique multi-disciplined service with 40 years of innovative engineering, supporting a range of clients and working closely with internationally recognized Verification Authorities (Lloyds Register, DNV, ABS, etc.).

Our staff are highly experienced and can offer a wide range of analytical and practical engineering services both on and offshore.  

We employ complex software in-house for structural analysis, fluid flow, pipework analysis, structural dynamics and 3-D drafting.

Sea Sentinel


Ocean design, build install and operate offshore surveillance and data acquisition systems including buoy systems in deep water and/or low cost fixed structures in shallow water.  These systems can be used in isolation  or dispersed to give wide area protection / coverage.

Ocean's buoy systems have been used for radar and visual surveillance, vessel identification, pollution control, underwater surveillance, seismic and environmental data acquisition.  

The Sea Sentinel system can be extended to host remote autonomous mobile sensor platforms to extend system coverage. 


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